50,000-tonne capacity managed, ventilated storage space for every type of dry bulk product


Whatever bulk commodity you wish to store, Walker has the expertise and storage facilities to maintain it in premium condition ready for your buyers. In our 50,000-tonne capacity stores we hold wheat, oilseed rape, barley, peas and all other combinable crops, raw materials such as soya and rapemeal, as well as dry pelletised products, including biomass materials.

Expert care for your stored products

The care of your product begins upon arrival at our Trading Standards calibrated weighbridges, where our certified laboratories conduct all necessary tests for your material and take samples. Records taken here ensure full traceability of all commodities passing through our stores.

Large bulk and small segregated storage options

Walker offers large flat stores, which allow quick and simple tip off-loading, giving you the rapid turnaround time you need during the harvest season. As well as our large storage facilities, we have access to lower-capacity stores that enable us to store smaller quantities of specialised crops in segregated areas.

Grain inspection and management – for complete quality assurance All stored products are thoroughly ventilated to keep them cool and dry, and to minimise the risk of pest infestation. We carry out weekly inspections to check for pests, moisture levels and temperature of all stored commodities. These checks ensure grain leaves our stores in the best possible condition. Our stores are audited regularly to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


Why choose Walker storage services?


  • Fast turnaround times and assured traceability
  • Fully ventilated storage areas to control temperature and moisture levels
  • Storage facilities include large bulk stores and smaller segregated areas for specialist commodities
  • Optimum grain care during storage, with weekly inspections for pests, moisture levels and temperature


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